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Intraway unveils Advanced Network Monitor solution

March 11, 2015

Intraway Corporation, a provider of software solutions for operations and business support (OSS/BSS) for telecommunications operators and service providers, presents the new features and benefits of its Advanced Network Monitor solution. This innovative new product helps cable operators prevent network performance issues in real-time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and lower operating costs. The solution’s new functions include a spectrum analyzer and pre-equalizer monitoring.

In addition to the new Advanced Network Monitor solution, Intraway is exhibiting its Automatic Firmware Management, Customer Interaction Portal, Network Security Platform and Real-Time Universal Service Activator solutions during Cable Congress, held from March 11- 13 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Advanced Network Monitor solution’s spectrum analyzer feature allows both Network Operations Center (NOC) operators and field service technicians to see both historical and real-time views of the upstream and downstream spectrum via the CMTS and cable modem infrastructure from a single perspective. In this way, they can compare and contrast the network’s performance with historical maximums and minimums in order to obtain a more complete analysis. A mobile-friendly portal is available for field technicians,  allowing them to also access a node’s spectrum data in real time.

In addition, the pre-equalizer monitoring functionality of this new Intraway solution uses DOCSIS devices as probes to provide real-time monitoring of the network. By scanning and storing the cable modems’ functional values, it allows information to be collected that is valuable for detecting and correcting network errors before they affect service. Also, by combining the analysis of this information with network topology and device location, the source of the problem can be determined easily and quickly.

“The features of the Advanced Network Monitor solution allow network problems to be identified, isolated and resolved, even before they affect service and user experience. This can be an important factor in differentiating an operator’s service in today’s competitive market. Also, with these new Intraway tools, operators can obtain and store statistical and historical information to identify trends and make the necessary adjustments to their network infrastructure more easily,” stated Patricio Latini, VP of Satellite & Cable for Intraway Corporation.

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