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Discovery cautious on 4K

March 16, 2015

By Chris Forrester

John Honeycutt, Discovery’s CTO, in an interview for the Satellite 2015 ‘Daily’ ahead of the show’s opening, says that even though the network is already making certain programming in 4K/Ultra HD, his channel has no immediate plans to launch a 4K service. He admitted that 2015 will see more hours produced in 4K than last year, “but that number is still a small percentage [of its total].”

Honeycutt added that at the moment, Discovery was looking more at how to manage workflows and the physical storage of 4K data-files on some of its more complex shoots, and how this all works in post-production.

He also added that in common with other production houses and broadcasters, he wanted to see three things come together, and in doing so create an engaging consumer experience, and they were resolution, frame rate and colour gamut.

“Individually we are able to capture enhanced frame rates today, and they obviously produce very high-quality resolution. Colour space is a new ingredient in the conversation, whether that is Dolby Vision or something else. When you bring those three things together there is a unique experience.”

Meanwhile, he said Discovery would be “following the market” but as yet he had not seen a huge buzz about [4K].

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