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Endless chances for company optimization thanks to VSNEXPLORER’s new features for collaborative work

March 17, 2015

VSNEXPLORER will receive special attention at NAB, where its new features for 2015 will be presented. These functionalities are already being tested and several companies are currently ingesting a livestream while different terminals are making edits on the proxy from remote locations. Once the files are ready, only one click is needed to share them across social networks, OTT or Web TV. This disruptive innovation has been developed to meet the wide range of needs and challenges that broadcasters and media companies are currently facing.

Among these new features, we can highlight:
•    Decentralized workflows to enhance collaborative work from different locations
•    UMP protocol for accelerated transfers
•    Downloading while ingesting and while transcoding, to have the files ready for being edited at any location at the very start of the ingest process
•    Distributed storages to have redundancy on the system
•    Availability of MAM actions from any location to distribute content to any screen
One of these new functionalities being tested is its capability to have a live event being logged and ingested at the MAM in real time. For example, at a sport event (soccer, let’s say) TV providers from other locations would be able to share a goal scored in a few seconds in the social networks, OTT and WebTV, in different languages and almost instantly.

The speed of the systems is enhanced thanks to UMP, VSN’s own protocol for content transfer, creating effective and decentralized workflows that allow users to work remotely on the same project and apply automated jobs to faster process media files.

VSN will present its new features for its complete portfolio of solutions (covering Media & Business Process Management; MCR Automation & Distribution and News & Live Production) at the important trade show at booth SL8006. VSNEXPLORER, its MAM, PAM & BPM solution, will receive special attention due to its recent developments that take content management to the next level.

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