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Motive test launches BYOD maritime TV platform

March 24, 2015

Motive Television, the technology provider to broadcasters and pay-TV operators, has revealed that its new maritime platform, BYOD (bring your own device), is currently being tested with two ferry lines servicing Greece and Italy and is expected to launch commercially in early April 2015.  In addition, the company is in discussions with cruise operators in North America to launch the services during the upcoming summer season.

In August 2014, Motive announced that its 100 per cent owned subsidiary, Motive Television Services Limited, signed an agreement with Twin Peak of Athens, Greece to adapt Motive’s proprietary Content Express technology for deployment in the global maritime industry. On December 23rd 2014, Motive announced that the development and lab testing of this new platform was complete.

The installation on the first ferries is currently being tested, leading to expected implementation in a matter of weeks.  At present, Twin Peak is in contract discussions with two Greek ferry companies who together operate sixteen ships carrying over 15,000 passengers per day.  Motive provides the BYOD technology to Twin Peak under the contract announced in August 2014.

Together with Twin Peak’s VoDo technology, the new joint platform provides VoD movies and TV programmes for the rapidly growing demand for BYOD service on commercial ships, private yachts, oil rigs, ferries, and cruise ships worldwide.  Twin Peak advises that this is the only solution today for the untouched yacht and commercial ship markets, and the first to offer live TV and VoD with no need for Internet.  Additionally, they inform that it has the added advantage of significantly lower costs than other solutions currently on the market for passenger ferries and cruise ships.

The agreement between Motive and Twin Peak contains a share of net revenues for Motive with a minimum guarantee in the first twelve months, subject to certain cumulative income benchmarks being achieved.  Ships will pay an installation fee including labour and equipment plus a per user share of revenue for VoD.

In addition to the VoD income there may be opportunities for Motive and Twin Peak to participate in revenues from advertising and promotion, plus special channels such as port and country tourism, and e-shopping.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive, commented, “Launching our first BYOD service commercially seven months after undertaking the development of this new product is quite an achievement.  The international ferry market, is huge, and BYOD should find great acceptance among passengers on 3-10 hour journeys throughout Europe and the Americas.  Added to that, the growing cruise market represents significant growth opportunity for Motive.”

Spilios Papayiannopoulos, President of Twin Peak, added, “Twin Peak has been serving the maritime market with television and On-Demand solutions since 2003 and we are delighted to be able to introduce services to handheld devices with Motive’s BYOD solution, and be the first to enter the untouched VoD markets for ferries and yachts worldwide. We are confident that this is an attractive opportunity for both companies.”

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