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Kaltura enables native video on Facebook

March 26, 2015

Kaltura, the video technology platform, hasunveiled a new video Distribution Connector that allows customers to publish native video directly to Facebook from Kaltura. With the new Connector, Kaltura publishers can continue to use Kaltura’s platform, applications and API as their primary video management solution while harnessing the powerful reach of sharing social video content on Facebook.

Kaltura’s Distribution Connector to Facebook provides brands, marketers, content owners and publishers with the ability to send video from Kaltura to Facebook in an automated, contained manner, allowing publishers to enjoy the benefits exclusive to native video on Facebook – auto-play, customisable call-to-action buttons, wide delivery – while retaining the control of the distribution in Kaltura. Kaltura plans to build an analytics dashboard at a later phase with Facebook’s API that will give customers the ability to turn measured social video engagement analytics into actionable marketing and monetisation insights.

“We are excited to be one of the select launch partners to integrate with Facebook’s updated Video API,” said Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura. “Video is becoming an essential mode of communication across all industries, but the power of video content lies in the distribution – how seamless it’s delivered, to whom, from where and over which devices it can be viewed. Allowing Kaltura customers to publish video natively on Facebook opens the door to limitless opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of social video content.”

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