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​Broadcom mass-market 4K device for China

March 27, 2015

By Chris Forrester

System-on-a-Chip manufacturer Broadcom is making a dedicated 4K chipset available for the Chinese market, approved by the country’s SARFT regulator.

Broadcom’s Beijing office, in a statement, said it had introduced a complete high-speed coaxial cable solution with new access technology for Chinese subscribers in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). The new BCM63500 and BCM63333 devices integrate the China HomePlug AV 1.0 (C-HPAV 1.0) standard endorsed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the Chinese government agency overseeing broadcasting in the region, to provide operators with an economical solutions for broadband services over cable.

The new chipset will allow Chinese cable operators to extend broadband services to home subscribers outside of China’s major coastal cities, particularly in densely-populated apartment buildings. The integrated C-HPAV 1.0 standard complements Broadcom’s existing C-DOCSIS technology by addressing different bandwidth and subscriber density levels than are required for C-DOCSIS deployments.  Broadcom showcased its latest innovations at the CCBN event in Beijing, March 26th-28th.

“Broadcom has delivered a solution that allows cable operators in China to provide services to a previously underserved segment of the MDU market,” said Ernie Bahm, Broadcom Senior Director of Cable Head-end Product Marketing. “The new Broadcom C-HPAV 1.0 solution provides our customers with access technology that allows them to take advantage of the large installed base of coax to support multiple MDU markets throughout the region.”

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