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L-S-B, Dimetis will demo at NAB a new paradigm of simplified worldwide live content delivery

April 7, 2015

The combined system of Dimetis’ BOSS LINK Manager with L-S-B´s VSM facilitates the interconnection of multiple live-production sites (MCR, studios, OB vans) over any transport network (LAN or WAN) end-to-end, on the fly and seamlessly for the end user.

The L-S-B’s Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) control system brings together all the requirements for a safe and flexible broadcast operation. User panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications, while the whole system is under redundant control. The IP infrastructure of a VSM network, including all control panels, interfaces and external devices, guarantees easy installation. The Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager dynamically configures, schedules, monitors and controls video/audio/data connections across transmission networks of all types. BOSS LINK Manager now serves as an abstracting middleware between remote VSM-operated sites. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections are a mouse-click away, due to the unified operational management of all core network elements, irrespectively of their location or technology.

BOSS LINK Manager now becomes Ember+ capable to abstract the core network as a virtual router and to hide its complexity from the VSM operator. The demarcation point is the media converter; VSM controls these devices in terms of baseband signal parameter adjustment, while BLM-O configures the IP- and transport-related parameters. In addition, BOSS LINK Manager manages the IP infrastructure used to carry the signals from the venues to the studios. All the high-end features of BOSS LINK Manager, i.e., P2P and P2MP connections, path protection, bandwidth management, fault management, etc. are still relevant and available but non transparent to the end user. The VSM frontend remains unchanged for the MCR operators.

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