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TubeMogul UK guide to Programmatic TV

April 14, 2015

TubeMogul, an enterprise software company for digital branding, has released the UK’s first-ever white paper analysing the potential and benefits of Programmatic TV. The comprehensive paper is based on internal research and a number of interviews with representatives from leading broadcasters (incl. ITV, Channel 5, Sky), brands (incl. Nestle,, Nationwide) and media agencies (incl. Mediacom, Magna).

TubeMogul says TV ad buying is one of the last frontiers largely untouched by buying automation, where billions of pounds are spent largely based on methods that have changed little over the past 30 years and targeting is limited to age, gender and socio-economic demographic classifications – until now. This year marked the first programmatic TV ad buy for premium inventory in the US, with Mondelez running ads during the Super Bowl broadcast for Oreo, and many signs point to the UK being the next market to introduce this new purchasing method.

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