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AdCreator for Programmatic

April 15, 2015

Celtra, the creative, analytics and optimisation platform for display advertising, has announced the release of Programmatic Creative, a powerful new addition to its AdCreator platform. Programmatic Creative allows advertisers to build and run data-driven dynamic creatives using leading information services and data analytics providers, such as Neustar, across mobile and desktop inventory. Utilising this platform, brands and agencies can quickly and easily customise the ad creative to each type of customer and create consistency in current audience targeting strategies being applied today in programmatic media channels.

Even though the advertising industry is in a state of change, the objectives remain the same: delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Celtra is the first to provide advertisers with a scalable solution to leverage audience data to build fully dynamic creatives for mobile display and video ads. Partnering with leading big data companies, such as Neustar with its thousands of customisable audiences, Programmatic Creative brings first and third party audience data directly into its self-service platform where advertisers can easily define the rules that inform the creative.

“Audience data has been traditionally used by advertisers for targeting audiences and measuring the reach of their digital campaigns,” said Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer for Neustar Inc. “On mobile platforms the use beyond media has been limited and we are extremely excited to explore new opportunities of audience data use in mobile advertising. Creative ad strategies benefitting from increased access to audience data are widely seen as the next frontier in mobile display and video and high quality audience data will once again play a key role in making mobile advertising even better.”

In addition to seamless access to audience data, Programmatic Creative also provides a plethora of situational data signals, such as location, weather or time, which can be used individually, or combined with audience data, into more sophisticated rules sets. By bringing audience data to mobile creatives, Celtra’s Programmatic Creative bridges the gap between cookieless mobile environments and the desktop. It also brings media buying and creative production even closer together by allowing advertisers to run dynamically customised audience specific creatives and match them with targeted

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