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Thinkbox TV consumption studies

April 16, 2015

Thinkbox, the TV advertising organisation, has commissioned two new research studies: a study on the TV and video consumption of 14-24 year olds, commissioned from specialist youth researchers Platypus; and another focussing on how TV advertising creates responses across different media, commissioned from Group M.

Platypus’s youth project will be a qualitative analysis of how 14-24 year olds now consume different forms of video. It will explore the different roles that different forms of video content play in young people’s lives, the impact of life stage and situation on viewing behaviour, and perceptions of different forms of video advertising. It will feature a mix of feedback from online communities, ethnographic filming (using both fixed cameras and wearable cameras), and filmed depth discussions.

The response research by Group M will examine how behavioural changes in recent years – such as the growth in online shopping and multi-screening – have influenced the way in which people respond to TV advertising in the short- and mid-term. It will feature an econometric analysis of 4 advertising categories and 15 advertisers alongside bespoke short-term TV ad analysis for over 50 advertisers. The study will provide a fresh set of guidelines around best practice for response planning.

Results from the youth study are expected this summer and from the response study in the autumn.

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