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Comcast-TWC hope to assure DoJ

April 20, 2015

Comcast and Time Warner Cable meet with the US Justice Department this week to try allay antitrust concerns of officials about their merger. The $45 billion deal would give Comcast-TWC control of about a third of US pay-TV and broadband markets.

Some consumer groups and content providers have come out strongly against the deal, arguing that the companies could raise prices for customers and charge content providers more to reach audiences. US reports have suggested DoJ officials were likely to recommend blocking the deal.

Comcast and TWC have argued their merger would lead to an improved service and they have also pledged to abide by net neutrality principles that would require them to treat all internet traffic equally.

If the DoJ moves to block the deal, it does not necessarily mean the transaction will die but certainly there will have to be more concessions. If the deal does end a series of other related deals like the divestment of 4 million subs to Charter and Charter’s own deal to buy Brighthouse would also probably fail.

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