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SUPER RTL chooses innovative technology of Siemens Convergence Creators

April 28, 2015

SUPER RTL is bringing a new video entertainment service called “kividoo” into German homes. With the new service SUPER RTL responds to the fact that kids grow up with new media and love watching their favorite programmes on all kinds of devices. Kividoo is available on web browsers and with apps for iPhones and iPads as well as Android-based mobile devices.

SUPER RTL has chosen Siemens Convergence Creators, a global provider of OTT video solutions, as their prime technology partner. Kividoo is based on Siemens OTT SWIPE, an award-winning turnkey solution for multiscreen TV and video distribution. It has been designed for OTT multiscreen video streaming and enables high-end, personalized video consumption across all brands, operating systems, and devices.

Siemens OTT SWIPE has been tailored to the needs of children and offers several features to optimise the user experience for children and to provide a feature set that gives parents full control over their kids’ video consumption.

•    Look & feel optimized for kids at various age groups
•    Intuitive navigation with limited text or no text at all for pre-schoolers
•    Optimized video management for TV series, episodes and movies
•    Configuration of catalogue “watchlists” and “blacklists” – “What is my kid allowed or not allowed to watch?”
•    Configuration of watching time and duration – “When is my kid allowed to watch and how long?”
•    “Toddler Watch Mode”: Kids can only watch titles on the watchlist

Daniel Felicio, CEO Siemens Convergence Creators: “With kividoo, SUPER RTL is responding aptly to the fact that the young generation uses mobile devices rather than conventional TV sets for watching movies and TV shows. Kividoo is a logical expansion of SUPER RTL’s TV channel towards contemporary digital entertainment. We are very proud that SUPER RTL has chosen Siemens Convergence Creators as technology partner and our OTT video platform as a basis for their innovative multiscreen service.”

Claude Schmit, SUPER RTL CEO: “Kividoo offers the best series from our TV-program combined with a variety of formats, especially acquired for this brand-new platform. We want to give our younger audience the opportunity to watch their most beloved series everywhere at any time and on any mobile-device. For parents kividoo moreover provides simple ways of configuring, which content their kids shall have access to.”

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