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IRIS.TV personalised end-screen with Kaltura

May 6, 2015

IRIS.TV the programmatic content delivery system, has unveiled a new dynamic, personalised end-screen plugin for Kaltura, the video technology platform.

IRIS.TV’s new plugin for Kaltura will offer clients of both a personalised and dynamic stream of video along with a personalised end-screen framework. Publishers can now provide users with both dynamic streams of video – powered by consumption and interaction – along with thumbnail choices specific to their real-time consumption habits. This new integration supplies publishers with additional tools to deliver a more personalised viewing experience in order to maximise viewer retention and video views. The partnership is aimed to help consumers discover relevant and engaging content while viewing across all connected devices.

“Personalised content programming is the most cost effective way to increase the value of your audience and video library. In order to grow video views and thrive in a multi-channel universe, media companies need to engage their audience on a one to one level,” said Field Garthwaite, Co-Founder & CEO of IRIS.TV. “In conjunction with Kaltura, we are excited to offer a variety of products that increase video views and help publishers engage and retain their audiences.”

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