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Universal Electronics to support TiVo growth

May 6, 2015

Universal Electronics has signed an agreement with TiVo to expand a previous agreement covering European markets to now include the supply of the iconic TiVo “peanut” remote to designated TiVo service provider customers in the US and Canada.

The agreement authorises Universal Electronics to supply remote controls for designated TiVo-branded services throughout the US and Canadian markets, which currently include service providers such as Mediacom, RCN, Suddenlink and others. This latest remote platform includes ZigBee RF4CE, which removes line-of-sight requirements and thus is ideal for in-cabinet setups. TiVo is well known for its focus on the user experience, through its continuing development and enhancement of intuitive search and browse capabilities in its solutions, while Universal Electronics has successfully built a reputation for quality and exceptional customer service in remote control design, manufacturing and fulfillment.

“Universal Electronics has an excellent reputation in the Americas for delivering a high-quality product with efficiency and providing excellent customer service,” said Thomas Elam, Vice President and General Manager of the Service Provider Business at TiVo. “This product development initiative with Universal Electronics supports our commitment to delivering the best TiVo experience and we look forward to leveraging this partnership.”

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