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FOXTEL selects FASTCOM to support multi-vendor security for iQ3 STB

May 12, 2015

FASTCOM Technology, an expert in standard-based solutions for the pay-TV security market, has announced that FOXTEL, the Australian pay-TV operator, has selected FASTCOM’s MCAS solution for ensuring the licensing authority services of its new iQ3 set-top-box, which is manufactured by PACE and which integrates a BROADCOM chipset.

Leveraging the MCAS solution, FOXTEL is able to operate the iQ3 in a multi-vendor security strategy with two different CAS solutions installed, namely CISCO/NDS and IRDETO. The MCAS allows keeping total control over the deployed iQ3 in terms of applications, middleware and CAS security solution. This allows for faster market response and for efficient resource planning.

“Thanks to FASTCOM’s MCAS solution and its independence towards the security providers, FOXTEL is able to achieve its goal of total control over the deployed iQ3 set-top-boxes while leveraging two proprietary CAS solutions running in parallel on the iQ3,” commented Stephen Joyce, Senior Platform Security Lead, FOXTEL

FASTCOM’s MCAS solution provides the STBs licensing authority services with the needed infrastructure. The MCAS preserves the security level of traditional CAS implementations, while giving the payTV operator the opportunity to retain the direct control on the STBs in the field. Also, the MCAS enables the payTV operator to implement dynamically a multi-vendor approach. Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost. The MCAS uses the ETSI standard TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010) and does not use any proprietary technology. K-LAD 2010 is widely accepted by the industry and it is implemented by the major chipset vendors and supported by the major CAS vendors.

As a company, FASTCOM is totally independent from any vendor allowing for a maximum independence. Furthermore, all data encompassed in the MCAS are subject to the Swiss laws, which provide an additional protection for the payTV operator.

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