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Ikegami readies for 8K

May 12, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Japanese high-end TV and video camera specialists says there is a growing interest in 4K and even 8K camera solutions.

“Increasing affordability of 4K UHD consumer television displays is encouraging broadcasters in practically every country to adopt this resolution for new high-budget studio productions,” comments Mark Capstick, General Manager of Ikegami Electronics UK. “This helps to ensure that new programmes and series retain their value well into the future.”  Capstick was quoted by trade mag Sports Video Group, in a round-up of Ikegami’s business after the NAB show in Las Vegas.

“Major television productions have a project lead time of anything up to three years so there is good reason to plan ahead for advances in transmission standards. It was evident at NAB 2015 that several European broadcasters have already committed to the early introduction of 4K UHD channels.”

“The Ikegami 4K Technology Exhibit this year included a new 4K UHD camera with three 8 megapixel 2/3 inch CMOS sensors (R,G and B) and traditional prism optics. This configuration delivers the long depth-of-field capability which is particularly important when televising outdoor events such as sports.”

Ikegami says that its 8K (SHK-810) ‘Super Hi-Vision’ camera, designed with both outdoor and studio-based work in mind, is a heavyweight performer but is light in design at just 9 kgs.  It was developed in conjunction with Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, and is its fourth-generation 8K unit, and is one-tenth the size of its Version 1 unit.

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