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Marquis reviews MBC’s Dubai operation

May 13, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Broadcasting workflow specialist Marquis Media Partners says it has wrapped a 6 month detailed review for MBC (Middle East Broadcast Centre) in Dubai that included an “end-to-end analysis of MBC’s operational models and processes, workflow and technical infrastructure”.

Sam Barnett, CEO, MBC, explains:  “We worked with the Marquis team to define our requirements in order to move to a new headquarters. In doing so, they helped us to look in the corporate mirror and identify areas we could improve for our future model operation.  We valued their experience, their insight, their network, their honesty and their persistence in getting to the right answers. I was also impressed by the attention they gave to building alignment and their success in creating it.”

“MBC is certainly not alone in needing to define a strategy for moving forward in the face of a continually developing market-place,” explains Andrew Ioannou, partner at Marquis Media Partners.  “Many businesses need to review how they are organised and operate their content supply chain.  However, the fact is that no ‘media industry expert’ can predict the future with 100 per cent certainty, therefore, each organisation needs to address the specific challenges relating to its particular market sector and yet be agile enough to move rapidly in whichever way the market develops.

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