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Mobile ad campaigns in US up 81%

May 13, 2015

Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, has found that advertisers are increasingly planning their video strategies holistically, and as a result, mobile has been the greatest benefactor.

According to an analysis of Videology’s platform usage in the first quarter, the total number of campaigns delivered on mobile increased 81 per cent compared to the previous quarter. In Q1 2015, 58 per cent of all campaigns had a mobile component to them, compared to 52 per cent in Q4 2014 and only 21 per cent in Q1 2014.

The analysis found 58 per cent of advertisers ran their campaigns on more than one screen (e.g., PC and mobile) in Q1 2015, compared to just 17 per cent in Q1 2014. Specifically, 48 per cent of all Q1 2015 campaigns ran on PC, mobile and connected TV simultaneously, compared to just 6 per cent in Q1 2014.

The analysis also found 14 per cent of all campaigns used TV data segments to complement their digital video campaigns to target specific TV audiences and/or to reach exposed or unexposed viewers of their TV ads. And advertisers are continuing to buy their digital video ads as they do for TV, on a guaranteed CPM basis – 95 per cent of advertisers did so in Q1, compared to 91 per cent a year ago.

“This current climate of consumer-driven convergence is driving marketers to view planning, buying and executing on TV and digital through a more holistic lens,” said Scott Ferber, Videology Chairman and CEO. “As the industry continues to improve standards and work toward achieving more seamless ad experiences, mobile will increasingly play a larger role as part of that cross-screen equation.”

Other key findings from the newly designed infographic include:
•    CPG led all other categories in impressions (25 per cent) on the US Videology platform for the fourth consecutive Q1, dating back to 2012.
•    Behavioral targeting was the leading form of advanced targeting in Q1 campaigns, used 67 per cent of the time, followed by Geo-targeting (65 per cent) and Domain targeting (34 per cent).
•    89 per cent of campaigns ran on VPAID inventory – a striking difference compared to Q1 2014, when only 52 per cent of impressions ran on VPAID.
•    While View Thru Rate (VTR) and Click Thru Rate (CTR) were the top objectives among advertisers in Q1, Videology found marketers are increasingly asking for more sophisticated ways to optimise their campaigns, whether it’s through verifying their audiences (28 per cent of all campaigns) or seeking maximum viewability (20 per cent of all campaigns).

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