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Hispasat content for Mexico cinemas

May 14, 2015

Spanish satellite telecommunications operator Hispasat has announced a long-term agreement signed with the Mexican satellite service provider Spacenet to distribute movies and live shows over the country’s main movie networks. Thus, the more than 500 Mexican movie theaters covered by Spacenet’s services will be able to receive top-quality content with added speed and efficiency, thanks to the power of Hispasat’s satellite Amazonas 3, which will assign a transponder to this service.

By signing this agreement, the two companies have consolidated a two-year-old relationship for the distribution of audiovisual content in theatres, a relationship which in 2014 made it possible to show the Brazil Football World Cup matches on screens throughout Mexico. Thanks to this agreement, it is expected that a broader and broader range of live events will be broadcast over this platform, and that both producers and independent theatres will be able to benefit from this flexible form of audiovisual distribution. Spacenet and Hispasat are also working on extending this service to a number of movie theatres in other countries throughout Latin America.

Satellite is shaping up to be a high-quality alternative to the traditional movie distribution model. Thus, the process is become less material-based by eliminating hardware and achieving a drastic simplification of the logistics used, as well as the time it takes to bring movies to theaters. Satellite also heightens security during shipment, as the risk of equipment loss or breakage is no longer an issue. By simply installing a small antenna, theatres can now receive movies directly from distributors in a short period of time.

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