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Slingbox M1 launches in Europe

May 14, 2015

Sling Media, part of of EchoStar, has confirmed the availability of the Slingbox M1, a re-designed Slingbox featuring WiFi connectivity, capable of delivering HD-quality video to mobile devices in the UK and Europe.

Slingbox solutions allow consumers to watch home TV content on Internet-connected smartphones, tablets, PCs/Macs or other TVs―virtually anywhere in the world.

“Given its strong reception in the United States, we are excited to introduce the Slingbox M1 into the European market,” says Michael Hawkey, senior VP and general manager of Sling Media. “The Slingbox M1 sets a new standard for ease of set-up and use, while delivering incredible value for the pay-TV satellite subscribers that we have always targeted with our products and services. With a Slingbox M1 that has been completely localised for customers, we’re delivering the most affordable Slingbox packed with the most robust set of features that we believe will significantly expand the mobile TV and video market.”

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