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MediaMelon launches QBR technology

May 20, 2015

MediaMelon, the smart streaming company, has introduced MediaMelon QBR technology, a new streaming approach that reduces bitrates for IP-based live or on-demand video services while improving video quality. MediaMelon QBR enhances today’s widely deployed adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology, lowering bitrate requirements for video streaming by 35 per cent on average while also reducing content quality variance by an average of 86 per cent and thereby eliminating video artifacts.

MediaMelon QBR, backed by over 25 issued patents, substantially improves today’s ABR technology by means of rapid scene analysis, content characterization, perceptual quality mapping and advanced buffer management techniques. The technology, offered as a managed service by MediaMelon, enables streaming service providers to deliver a significantly improved user experience and leverage network resources more efficiently. QBR is easily integrated into the existing video service workflow via APIs and adds value across the video ecosystem, enhancing the capabilities of over-the-top (OTT) streaming companies, encoders, video players, online video platforms and CDNs.

“MediaMelon’s QBR technology intelligently goes beyond current adaptive bitrate schemes to significantly improve quality and bitrate performance — providing a dramatic advantage that content owners and video service providers can employ to enhance the viewing experience while utilizing streaming infrastructure more effectively,” said Kumar Subramanian, MediaMelon CEO. “This advance paves the way for streaming of full HD and 4K video across today’s bandwidth-constrained IP networks, without the need to re-encode content or alter the existing video workflow.” 

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