Advanced Television for French broadcasters

May 21, 2015, the video private exchange software provider, has announced a development with leading European TV broadcasters – TF1, M6, and France Télévisions – to enable on-demand TV ad placements to be traded programmatically, in real-time. These partnerships signal the opportunity for TV broadcasters to monetise their own on-demand video inventory through Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Programmatic TV Direct – taking TV advertising to the next level. empowers premium publishers to unlock the value of their video assets by providing them with publisher-controlled software – allowing them to build, execute and manage their own video private exchanges according to their own set of business rules. The technology represents the second generation of supply-side platforms (SSPs) where arbitrage is replaced by direct buyer relationships. Publishers are able to recoup lost margins, eliminating intermediary parties such as SSPs and open exchanges.

“Our vision is to build a software stack to unify the buying and selling of online video and TV advertising,” commented Hervé Brunet,’s CEO and Co-founder. “It is strategic for TV broadcasters to keep control and operate their own video private exchange, maintaining a direct relationship with buyers and eliminating arbitrage and intermediaries. Internalising programmatic video monetisation is a high priority for the TV business, which is why our publisher-controlled software approach is so appealing.”

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