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Beamly beats Twitter for Eurovision engagement

May 27, 2015

Beamly, the social discovery network for TV, has announced the results of the live ‘Votelys’ (polls) it ran during this year’s Eurovision competition. By the end of the Grand Final, the viewing public from across Europe had used Beamly’s social network to cast 9,077,194 votes in total, significantly beating Twitter’s engagement figure around the show and further demonstrating a new trend for social TV.

Beamly ran a number of ‘Votelys’ around the Eurovision Song Contest. Users could cast their opinion on questions like which country would be most likely to get nil points, which contestant was most likely to be famous after Eurovision, and, of course, who was predicted to win. Beamly also offered a range of video clips and live commentary around the show, plus a dedicated TV room for users to take part in a live Eurovision chat.

“This staggering level of engagement demonstrates growing appetite from the public to be part of an immersive, community-led platform around TV. This goes far beyond what’s possible with traditional social networks,” said Juliette Otterburn-Hall, Chief Content Officer at Beamly. “Not only are today’s viewers looking for deeper engagement around their favourite shows, they want the same experience for mainstream TV events like Eurovision too.”

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