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egta: TV, radio industries need to be more vocal

June 1, 2015

By Colin Mann

Jan Isenbart, the newly-elected President of egta, the association representing a range of television and radio sales houses throughout Europe, has called on the TV and radio industry to communicate with a strong voice its undisputed role for advertisers and its vision for the future.

egta says that as the borders between television and video as well as between radio and audio continue to blur, the industry needs to redefine what TV and radio stand for with their enhanced offers in a complex digital market place.

It recognises that the most important task that lies ahead for both the association and for each individual market, company and media professional is the strong and efficient promotion of television and radio as vibrant advertising media that have time and time again proven their capacity to embrace both the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Isenbart, Research Director of IP Germany (RTL Group) offers the following message to TV and radio sales houses: “Both the television and radio industries need to be more vocal when it comes to reinventing themselves, to promoting their strengths, contribution to ROI and ad campaign efficiency. We should also voice our industry’s vision for the future more clearly, building on the story of TV and radio’s proven success as mass-media and as indispensable partners of advertisers and agencies.”

egta’s Secretary General Katty Roberfroid supports this vision and also makes a call to the industry: “Let us ensure that we speak with one voice and turn the conversation back to the two media that the consumer actually spends the most time with and that deliver real and provable impact for advertisers. Let us talk with confidence about television and radio and the power of the two media that are free from the uncertainties of dubious and opaque data, that do not suffer from fraud or viewability issues, that can – and will continue to be – relied upon as the cornerstone of effective advertising campaigns for many years to come.”


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