Peru: Over half pay-TV connections pirated

Pirated pay-TV in Peru represents 52 per cent of total connections, according to Martha Ochoa, Executive Director of Alianza contra Piratería de Televisión Paga (the Alliance Against Pay Television Piracy). Ochoa revealed the findings at a briefing where the involvement of local operators DirecTV, Claro and Movistar in the Alliance was confirmed.

Ochoa advised that this unofficial market is responsible for an annual loss of about PNS 170 million (€49m) for taxes not paid to the Peruvian Government. In 2014, Alliance analysis of INEI and OSIPTEL figures suggest legal connections totalled 1.4 million, with pirated connections at1.5 million.

Ochoa said the Alliance sought to create a stable investment environment by the implementation and commitment of regional and bilateral agreements. “This is only possible by adopting specific laws against piracy, and by regional cooperation,” she declared.

“We are aware that this is a long path to travel, but we have been working actively with all stakeholders, as much as with the State and with the population to commit to addressing this issue as well. We have a regulatory framework that allows us to apply the laws in the right way for those who break the law, but also allows us to take civil action on behalf of those who have been affected by piracy,” said Gian Marco Asencio, Manager, Legal and Government Relations at DirecTV.


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