Thaicom launches 2nd screen platform

Thaicom, one of Asia’s leading satellite operators, alongside a joint venture between Kantana Group and Intouch Holdings has launched its first 2nd Screen platform in Thailand.

The service will first be used to air Gossip Girl, licensed from the Gossip Girl TV series in the US, on the Channel 3 Television Network.

“2nd Screen is the future trend of the broadcasting business,” said Patompob Suwansiri, Chief Marketing Officer at Thaicom. “We developed this 2nd Screen platform as part of Thaicom’s Broadband & Broadcast convergence platform which will help us progress towards our goal of being an end-to-end service provider to our customers in the media industry and broadcasting.”

Patompob added: “We are very excited that InTouch, Kantana Group has chosen to deploy our service in the coming months and we look forward to seeing where we can take this innovative service in the future.”

Gossip Girl is an ideal programme for the 2nd screen launch due the shows appeal to younger, tech-savvy viewers,” said Sasikorn Chansate, CEO, Television Business, Kantana Group Public Company Limited. “Viewers will be able to watch the programme when and where they want, as much as they want, and will also be able to interact with other fans online. We are especially excited to hear viewers’ feedback on the service.”

The 2nd screen service will encourage viewers to use their Smartphones while watching the show and will enhance users’ viewing experience by giving them access to additional content on a mobile device while watching the show on their television. Additional content will include on-demand video including uncensored versions of the show and bonus scenes, additional information about characters, actors and plotlines, as well as games, quizzes, shopping and social networking opportunities.

The 2nd screen service will be available to download in Apple Store and Play Store at the end of June.

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