Magine TV custom service

Magine TV has revealed a new fully customisable service to its German users, who can create a tailored and personal TV experience by selecting the content and channels that they want to see, whilst ‘pausing’ the rest. The end result is that viewers will pay for what they actually watch, and save on what they don’t.

Users can select and re-order the shows and channels that they want on their personal watchlist on the Magine homepage and app, and the more that viewers personalise their content, the more they save on their subscription costs each month.

At a launch event, CEO and Founder of Magine TV, Mattias Hjelmstedt, revealed that 85 per cent of content on Magine is streamed live, and on average, each user spends 3 hours and 20 minutes per day on the service. In addition, in Germany, 51 per cent of users report that Magine is the only TV service that they currently use. Hjelmstedt noted that live TV very much remains the focus for Magine, and also alluded to future features that will allow viewers to access and subscribe to other users’ watch lists and line ups – in turn creating an even more personalised, social and curated type of television service.

Magine TV has also announced the appointment of Olaf Kroll to the position of Country Manager in Germany. With a background in companies such as News Corp and Hulu, Fox and Myspace, as well as Sony Entertainment, Kroll has a proven track record in the industry.

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