Piksel licenses whiteCryption Code Protection

whiteCryption, a Silicon Valley provider of software code and data protection technologies, has announced that Piksel, a global provider of video monetisation software and solutions, has licensed whiteCryption’s Cryptanium Code Protection technology to protect its innovative Piksel Voyage travel and transit entertainment solution.

“Piksel is a leading innovator in the online video services market and we are excited to add a valuable component in this advanced entertainment solution,” said Thorsten Held, Managing Director of whiteCryption. “Our suite of premium security technologies enables companies like Piksel to extend existing business models or even come up with fully innovative solutions whenever security is one of the building blocks; especially if these apps are running on insecure devices like smartphones or tablets. By using a security solution that is hardware-independent, the application stays agile and can easily be adapted to fit changing business needs.”

whiteCryption’s Code Protection technology enables Piksel to apply the level of protection to their Piksel Voyage solution required by content owners for the streaming of premium content to consumer devices. Now Piksel’s offering of MTVOD (Mass Transit Video-on-Demand) entertainment is protected with the highest level of software-based security.

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