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10K trumps 8K and 4K

June 8, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Last week’s SID Display Technology Week 2015 event in San Jose saw Chinese display manufacturer BOE showcase a 10K display, offering a spectacular 10,240 x 4,320 resolution and a total of 44 million pixels, and measuring 82”.

What is truly remarkable is not so much the impressive resolution (and despite there being next to nothing to show in either 8K or 10K) but that it is only 5 months since the firm showed off its first 8K unit.

The screen is a 21 : 9 ration, bringing true, wide-screen, ultra high-res to the home. BOE happily admit that they have simply added more pixels to the overall width.

Quite what response the South Koreans and Japanese manufacturers will make of this challenge is still to be seen. Meanwhile, the Chinese say they expect their units to be popular in museums and for public viewing areas, and for digital display out-of-home.

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