Multi-DRM for Conax Contego

Conax, part of the Kudelski Group and a specialist in total service protection for digital TV and entertainment services, has announced at ANGA COM its new Conax Contego multi-DRM capabilities supporting a portfolio of  leading DRM technologies. The highly secure, future-proof and flexible solution is developed to eliminate operator challenges, amongst others support for browsers which will soon no longer provide NPAPI support – such as Chrome in September.

Conax Contego unified security hub supports all major distribution technologies and formats including 4K, seamlessly supporting smart cards, cardless, IPTV and advanced multi-DRM and OTT services from a single unified back-end, covering all types of networks and end-user devices.

“The Conax Contego unified security hub supports a wide range of DRM solutions with Common Encryption (CENC), for a simplified and cost-effective workflow,” confirms Tom Jahr, EVP Products, Conax. “Through the highly flexible, future-oriented multi-DRM back-end, Conax Contego ensures business rules for content rights can be translated into a wide range of industry leading DRMs. In addition, through Persistent Rights Management (PRM) we offer service providers the unique capability to also deploy a widely endorsed operator-controlled DRM across a vast range of devices. This combination provides ultimate freedom of choice and Conax recommends that operators carefully consider the value of choosing the right DRM to ensure best quality of platform service.”

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