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Eutelsat boosts UHD content on Hot Bird 4K1

June 8, 2015

Colin Mann @ Anga Com

Exclusive Ultra HD content broadcast in the Hot Bird 4K1 channel operated by Eutelsat Communications continues to expand and diversify with new input from SPI International and Anixe HD Television.  SPI International, operator of more than 30 TV channels on four continents, and German broadcaster Anixe are both displaying original new content at the Anga Com conference. Broadcast free-to-air across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Eutelsat’s Hot Bird 4K1 channel can be received DTH and by cable and IP network operators using the latest 4K TV panels equipped with suitable demodulators and HEVC decoders.

For SPI International, the demo represents the first preview of native Ultra HD content to be shown by “4K FunBox UHD”, a new fully commercial channel scheduled to launch this autumn at Eutelsat’s Hot Bird position. “4K FunBox UHD” will address cable and IP network operators and DTH communities in Germany and other key TV markets in the Hot Birdfootprint.

Anixe HD Television has also selected Anga to air 15 minutes of exclusive Ultra HD content on Hot Bird 4K1. The footage includes extracts of lifestyle and documentary magazines, a cooking show, a cinema magazine and spectacular outdoor productions filmed with Ultra HD cameras.

“With 4K FunBox UHD viewers will be able to experience more nuance, faster frame rates, exceptional contrast dynamics and extended colours,” says Berk Uziyel, Executive Director of Filmbox International Ltd.. “In addition to wildlife documentaries, some of the eye-popping content we are showing includes the San Francisco skyline, an amazing study of cloud movements and skylight as well as the Ultra HD footage of Asian cities by night. We are also planning to add sports programming and musical events, all in 4K quality,” he adds.

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