Eutelsat: “We’ll play a leading role in UHD”

Markus Fritz, Director, Commercial Development and Marketing at Eutelsat, has admitted the satellite operator is more confident at the prospects for Ultra HD, noting that there is greater content availability and broadcaster interest than had been anticipated previously.

At a Press Briefing, Fritz noted that a number of factors requited to make Ultra HD happen were coming together – the right content, the right standards, the right equipment, the right demand, and the right distribution. “I’m surprised and glad,” he said, advising that in addition to earlier projects with RAI, SPI and the BBC, there was continued demand from a range of content owners and broadcasters to experience Eutelsat’s demos.

Fritz said that in addition to Eutelsat’s naturally-perceived distribution capabilities, it would also be heavily involved in contribution aspects.

Eutelsat announced June 8th exclusive Ultra HD content broadcast in the Hot Bird 4K1 channel with new input from SPI International and Anixe HD Television, which is being screened at ANGA COM.

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