OSN pirate in Abu Dhabi fined, deported

An Abu Dhabi court has head that the local police raided a TV retailer who was selling access cards and illegal set-top boxes. The store has been fined 200,000 Dirhams (about $55,000), and the shop’s owner and manager ordered to be deported from the Emirate. The court also ordered that the retailer closes the shop for 12 months.

The police received a tip-off from Dubai-based pay-TV operator OSN. The police say this was the 47th similar raid over the past year, and that hotels, workers’ employment camps and electrical stores have been raided.

We are thankful to the CID and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department for their swift and stern action. The court verdict reiterates the seriousness with which the government regards TV piracy. We will continue to work with the authorities to curb TV piracy,” said David Butorac, CEO at OSN.

OSN was not the only affected broadcaster. The police found evidence that Dish TV India, Airtel Digital TV, Sun Direct and TataSky, had all suffered losses from piracy.

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