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TVbeat Slovenian-wide TV analytics

June 10, 2015

TVbeat, the next generation TV analytics company, has announced the launch of their Slovenian dataset. This announcement comes shortly after the launch of their Croatian dataset to broadcasters and agencies. In a similar fashion, the Slovenian dataset means that local and international broadcasters will be able to optimize their content and programme scheduling.

The launch of the Slovenian dataset from TVbeat means that programmers, researchers and sales teams for local and international broadcasters will be supported with drill-down capabilities and thorough analysis of content. Importantly, TVbeat offers the ability to track even the smallest of audience flows, removing the big problem of zero ratings. The granularity and volume of data will help broadcasters to maximize revenue by increasing the number of advertising spots available for sale, as well as creating leverage in content negotiations.

Ana Jelavic, Area Manager for Adriatic region at TVbeat said; “Our Croatian dataset has been so well received from our partnered broadcasters, that we are very excited to launch our TVbeat tool with the weighted Slovenian dataset to the broadcaster and agency market. This is another outstanding development for TVbeat as we are pursuing our mission to follow viewers and draw important insights such as content performance or advertising spots. We are thrilled that platforms, broadcasters and agencies have signed up for the enriched TVbeat data services”.

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