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ATIS to advance 5G network evolution

June 11, 2015

At its 5G Symposium, held in Chicago, ATIS announced its agenda to advance the network’s evolution to 5G. Beyond traditional mobility services, 5G promises higher data rates for content delivery–imagine downloading a full HD movie in a matter of seconds–in addition to optimising cost-effective support for the Internet of Things, critical communications, and more. ATIS’ role will help ensure that the ultra high-capacity and performance network of the future delivers the full opportunity envisioned by 5G.

Specifically, ATIS is undertaking a North American market analysis and developing requirements to define a coherent network evolution from 4G LTE to 5G, consistent with critical regulatory imperatives. As the North American Organizational Partner for 3GPP, ATIS and its members are ideally positioned to drive these North American requirements into 3GPP activities. This work will result in an industry blueprint for how the 4G network will evolve to 5G.

ATIS leadership also will ensure that 5G satisfies regulatory requirements. North America has distinct requirements from the rest of the world in critical communications, such as emergency services over mobile networks. ATIS’ emergency services work has led the development of global requirements for public safety. This has been most apparent in ATIS’ E9-1-1 location accuracy initiatives.

“5G is unique in that it is both a revolutionary and evolutionary technology. One of ATIS’ goals is to help service providers leverage the strategic investment made in 4G to ensure 5G success,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “To do this, ATIS builds on its leadership in previous generations of wireless technology, and draws on its extensive track record in delivering forward-looking industry consensus.”

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