Eurosport leads in reach survey

Pan-regional sports entertainment service Eurosport has once again topped the Ipsos survey, formerly EMS, confirming it as the most widely reaching multimedia platform (TV, website and mobile) for upscale Europeans, reaching 31 per cent of the top 20 per cent income households across Europe each week.

The sample targets the main income earner in the top 20 per cent income households across 21 European markets, representing approximately 52 million Europeans. The survey also researched the habits of individuals within the top three per cent of income earners, the C Suite group (Executive Directors at companies with over 50 employees) and Decision Markers (employees who authorise or specify purchases at their company).

According to the 2015 survey, Discovery-owned Eurosport has swept the board in all specific target groups, also reaching the most people in the top 3 per cent of income earners, C-Suite Executives and Decision Makers with a weekly reach of 38 per cent, 40 per cent and 38 per cent respectively through combined TV and Digital platforms.

Eurosport’s TV channels – Eurosport and Eurosport 2 – also reach the largest share of people in each demographic (20.8 million of the sample group). In addition, Eurosport has the leading digital platform for households in the top 20 per cent income bracket, reaching over 6.1 million of the sample group in one month.

Other companies participating in the survey include, among others, CNN, Sky News and BBC World News. According to Eurosport, these results demonstrate it as a key destination for influential demographic groups, sought after by advertisers.

Jonathan Davies, Managing Director, Advertiser Partnerships, Eurosport and Discovery Channel, EMEA, said: “It is great to come top of this survey for the twentieth year in a row, affirming Eurosport as the perfect partner for advertisers targeting this high level of consumer. Eurosport’s multiple platforms continue to reach the greatest number of influential Europeans on a weekly and monthly basis versus competitors. The research also found that digital platforms bring an additional 10 per cent exclusive users to the Group’s TV reach each month. At the same time, mobile accounts for 27 per cent of exclusive users to the online monthly reach, demonstrating the importance of digital, and especially mobile, for Eurosport.”

Eurosport’s extensive sports coverage and premium sports properties include a number of recently-signed exclusive rights deals: Wimbledon Championships, UEFA Europa League, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Rugby World Cup and US PGA Tour in key markets across Europe to further demonstrate its focus on delivering the best sports content.

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