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TRIAX annual report for the financial year 2014/15

June 17, 2015

In 2014/15, the TRIAX A/S Group realised a turnover of 82 Million €. That is 1.7 Million € more than in 2013/14 where turnover amounted to 80 Million €. This increase has been created despite difficult market conditions, with market shares on several European markets increasing.

The result of the primary operation was 5.6 Million € vs 3 Million € the year before. The profit after tax was 3.5 Million € vs. 1.8 Million € the year before.

TRIAX has strengthened its position on the multimedia market in Europe and the Middle East where a broad product and solution range has been delivered through a powerful distribution network. Progress has especially been seen within local networks and in the hospitality sector. This mirrors a calculated strategy towards complete solutions, targeted towards specific customer segments. Furthermore, work is increasingly done with strategic partnerships with international clients.

The organisational restructuring that has been implemented to adapt to new market conditions after the completion of the digitalisation in Europe, has had a positive effect on results in 2014/15. To keep the focus on core products, efficiency improvements have been implemented by reorganisation and outsourcing of production, as well as centralisation of administrative operations.

– We are pleased to see such a positive increase in both turnover and results. Our strategy of offering complete solutions has been really well received by our clients, and at the same time, we have seen great impacts of our efficiency improvements, both organisational and in our production. All in all, this promises well for the future, says Claus Omann, CEO of TRIAX A/S, who is furthermore pleased with TRIAX A/S also investing in new technologies in 2014/2015:

– In the financial year 2014/15, we have invested in the development of new products and solutions that particularly support the market development within IP technology. Overall, we can sell our solutions to all distribution standards, whether it is satellite, aerial, cable or IP networks, says Claus Omann.

The TRIAX A/S Group expects an increase in turnover for the financial year 2015/16, which among other things, can be attributed to conversion surges in Europa. Furthermore, the company expects continued progress within sales to the hospitality sector, broadcasters and operators.

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