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Peer5 ‘makes 1 server equal 20’

June 18, 2015

Peer5 has launched what it claims is the first WebRTC based Live CDN that enables scalable, cost effective live video streaming for video publishers. Live streaming video is exploding, but the underlying technology has not caught up yet. This situation has created a suboptimal user experience and increased costs for the content providers. The new Peer5 platform is built to solve these problems. As content continues to rapidly expand, the problem becomes more obvious. With Peer5’s unique hybrid P2P/HTTP architecture approach, efficiency actually increases as consumption of live streaming scales.


“We are thrilled that clients already see huge value in savings and user experience when employing our technology“, said Hadar Weiss, CEO and co-founder, Peer5. “We made sure to build the platform so that anyone who broadcasts livestream video could easily set it up with a simple 3 steps onboarding.”


Peer5 is using new technologies, including WebRTC, which make it possible to address these challenges like never before. Today, users browsers can interact with each other in a new way, both in real-time and in-browser making it secure and safe. This is potentially vital for large live stream publishers like,, Twitch, Periscope by Twitter, Livestream, Ustream and others who care about protecting their brand and their audiences when delivering content in a safe and secure way without any invasive plugins or software.

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