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9X Media expands with BroadStream Solutions

June 22, 2015

9X Media, the Mumbai-based TV network, is set to launch a new regional music channel using its existing OASYS integrated playout system from leading broadcast playout automation specialists, BroadStream Solutions.

“When it comes to a new channel launch, all we have to do is literally ‘plug-in’ the software and play” said Nikkhil Shirodkar, VP Network Operations at 9X Media. “It is the fastest and most easily scalable playout system in the market today and has saved us an incredible amount of time and resource”.

“When it comes to integrated graphics capabilities, I haven’t seen a better system than OASYS”, added Shirodkar. ”We’ve even developed our own in-house automation based completely on XML   which enables a producer to change the entire look and feel of the channel by simply filling in an Excel based form. A single file is all that is required for triggering all graphical elements which otherwise would have required additional mastering and scheduling”.

OASYS provides 9X Media channels with extensive onscreen graphics, including lower thirds, tickers, squeeze backs, picture-in-picture and many more. Data sources include RSS feeds and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

9X Media was the first network in the region to benefit from channel-in-a-box, file-based playout and has relied on the OASYS system since its inception in 2008.

“One of our core values at 9X Media has been to embrace new technology so, we took a decision in choosing the OASYS system at the time when the concept of a channel-in-a–box was relatively nascent and buying a legacy solution would have been the safest option,” commented Shirodkar.

“It has proved to be one of the best investments we’ve made, not only because the automated playout has freed up our editorial staff to work entirely on larger projects, but also because of how the OASYS software has continuously evolved to give us more flexibility as we move forward. BroadStream really do listen to and care for their customers”

Micky Edwards, VP Sales EMEA at BroadStream: “9X Media Network is a true pioneer when it comes to file-based playout and we’re very proud to be involved in such an exciting project. It is partners like these who can help us take broadcasting technology to the next level.”

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