AirTies adds Client Steering

AirTies Wireless Networks, a supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, has formally released its new Client Steering technology, following a field trial announced with major operator SingTel in Singapore. Client Steering addresses a key Wi-Fi performance issue induced by the explosion of mobile devices in the home.

Bulent Çelebi, Executive Chairman and AirTies Co-Founder, noted that Wi-Fi device numbers were “exploding”. Mobile client-related Wi-Fi performance problems are particularly acute in high rise settings such as Singapore or New York City. Steel reinforced concrete walls combined with a high density of mobile clients create a very challenging environment,” he admitted.

“Client Steering technology switches mobile devices dynamically in real time between APs, as well as within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands”, explained Çelebi. Client Steering works alongside AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh and specifically addresses Wi-Fi speed and coverage issues created by the ‘sticky client’ problem. It is already available on the ‘Air 4920’. Client Steering boosts performance by moving the choice of in-home Wi-Fi path away from devices to what is now an intelligent ‘Mesh’. The network checks a number of performance parameters periodically (typically every two seconds) and connects the device to the ‘best available’ AP at any time,” added Celebi.

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