Advanced Television

Uganda DSO on August 31st

June 30, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Uganda’s digital switch-over is underway. Kampala city is already all-digital and its suburbs will go dark as far as analogue TV is concerned on July 31st. A final and absolute switch-off of analogue transmissions would take place on August 31st.

Uganda’s Communications Commission and its Director for Broadcasting Fred Otunnu said the July 31st switch-over would affect regions around Kampala extending to about 120 kms from the capital.

Otunnu said Uganda has around three million television sets with over 60 per cent owners residing near Kampala or are within the 60km radius.  “We believe that the first phase switched off about 60 per cent of all the television sets in Uganda,” he said.

Otunnu said that the government, and broadcasters such as Zuku, would continue to inform and educate the public as to the benefits of digital transmission.

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