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Pond5: “4K is having its day”

July 1, 2015

According to Pond5, a marketplace for royalty-free video footage, 4K resolution video is finally having its day. As 2015 passes the midway point, 4K televisions, cameras, and computer monitors are filling shelves, with lower prices than ever.

Pond5 analysts looked at more than three years of internal data from the company’s network of 40,000 contributing artists to find out if uploads of 4K video clips have increased in tandem. The answer? After two years of sluggish growth, 4K uploads surged in 2014 and into this year. Analysts found that since the first quarter of 2014, Pond5 has seen a near 10x increase in the number of 4K video uploads.

Because of the growing popularity of drones, a significant portion of these clips consist of 4K aerial footage, which has grown swiftly along with overall 4K uploads. Aerial 4K uploads increased by a multiple of five since the first quarter of 2014.

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