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V-Nova powers HD video telemetry for Airbus

July 14, 2015

V-Nova, a provider of signal compression solutions, has demonstrated the capability of its PERSEUS data compression technology for aerospace applications as part of the all-electric Airbus Group E-Fan technology demonstrator aircraft’s historic flight across the English Channel.

During the flight – the first such crossing by an e-aircraft – PERSEUS enabled up- and downstream HD video telemetry over standard, publicly-accessible 3G mobile networks, with a more than 80 per cent bandwidth reduction compared to traditional technology under similar conditions. This made it possible to transmit terrestrial HD video to the cockpit, and allowed personnel aboard the chase aircraft and on the ground to view the E-Fan’s flight progress, as offline content and camera feeds from the crossing were down-linked, encoded and distributed in real time via 3G networks to Android- and iOS-connected devices.

“Today’s achievement reflects the pioneering spirit of Airbus Group and its E-Fan project partners,” explained Jean Botti, Airbus Group Chief Technical Officer. “Streaming HD-quality live video over existing 3G networks under demanding ‘real-life’ aerospace conditions is completely new, and it is very fitting that V-Nova’s innovative PERSEUS technology was part of the E-Fan’s historic flight across the English Channel.

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