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ESPN “most socially engaging” US network

July 15, 2015

Shareablee, the social media audience analysis firm that partners with TV and cable networks CBS, NBC, ESPN, Univision, FOX News and CNN, among others, has released a June ranking of the most socially engaged TV Networks in the US The ranking, which includes all television shows and the main network brand accounts under their respective networks, reflects a total of 483.4 million social actions (364.6 million on Facebook – likes, shares and comments, 25.7 million on Twitter – retweets, favorites, 93.1 million on Instagram – likes, comments) and stayed flat compared to May 2015.

ESPN, led by the programme SportsCenter, ranks number one with 67.7 million total actions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Telemundo ranked number one on Facebook with 40 million actions, followed by ABC with 35.4 million actions. Fox News won the news category with 27.1 million actions. FXX grew 467 per cent, the largest growth in the TV Network category during the month of June. ABC captured the most social amplification of any TV network with over 9 million shares and retweets on Facebook and Twitter.

Other findings include:
•    Videos made up eight per cent of the content posted by TV Networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in June, and captured 14 per cent of total actions
•    Videos posted by the Top Ten TV Networks made up 36 per cent of all videos posted by TV Networks in June, driving 69 per cent of all actions made on video content
•    The Top Five TV shows by engagement: SportsCenter, ESPN (33.6 million actions), Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family (24.5 million actions), Today Show, NBC (8.2 million actions), El Senor de los Cielos, Telemundo (7.9 million actions), Good Morning America, ABC (6.9 million actions)
•    The Top Five TV Networks on Facebook: Telemundo (40 million actions), ABC (35.4 million actions), NBC (30.2 million actions), ESPN (28.3 million actions), Fox News (26 million actions)
•    The Top Five Networks on Twitter: ESPN (9.7 million actions), MTV (2.2 million actions), ABC Family (1.7 million actions), ABC (1.7 million actions), NBC (1.6 million actions)
•    The Top Five Networks on Instagram: ESPN (29.8 million actions), ABC Family (18.4 million actions), E! (7.2 million actions), MTV (5.6 million actions), Univision (3.4 million actions)

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