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Australia’s nbn broadband “world leading”

July 16, 2015

A report from global research company Ovum has found that the Australian nbn fixed wireless broadband service is world leading when compared to the performance of 21 overseas wireless broadband providers.

It found Australians connected to the nbn fixed wireless network are getting fast speeds and access to substantially higher data allowances from our Retail Service Providers (RSPs)  than anyone else in the world.

David Kennedy, Research Director, Ovum said: “Our research demonstrates the combined technical performance with high levels of affordability of the nbn™ fixed wireless network make it a world leading broadband service when compared to other overseas wireless operators. The arrival of the nbn™ network will position rural and regional Australians to gain new access to a host of applications at affordable prices, helping to close the gap between city and country as well as Australia and the rest of the world.”

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