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Akamai, Telecom Italia partnership

July 22, 2015

Akamai Technologies and Telecom Italia have announced a partnership agreement to offer Content Delivery Network and web optimisation services and solutions to Italian companies.

Driven by explosive growth in digital media, the initiative includes Telecom Italia offering and marketing, within the Italian market, of Akamai’s suite of services (including web acceleration and security) capable of providing optimum performance for the distribution of high-quality video and Internet content.

The agreement also includes a direct connection between Telecom Italia’s IP network and the global Akamai Platform. It represents an important step in how a Telco and a Content Delivery Network provider can maximise Internet infrastructure assets, enhancing the end user experience on premium content.

“Akamai’s technology together with Telecom Italia’s platforms and network, gives customers access to more efficient solutions for the use of content. This is much more important in a market like todays where multimedia services on the Internet are used by a great variety of terminals and devices where speed plays a key role.”

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