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Streamhub launches SaaS analytics platform

July 28, 2015

UK-based big data startup Streamhub has officially launched the first analytics SaaS product specifically designed to help OTT businesses develop audience engagement and simplify reporting.

Launch customers include Fuji TV and NHK, which have subscribed to Streamhub, a venture founded by former business development director at Joost, Aki Tsuchiya.

Streamhub identifies content fit for growth and provides insights to increase audience loyalty to online video services. Designed to be a one-stop shop for online video businesses that want to best exploit their video libraries, Streamhub brings together viewing data from any number of different OTT providers to paint a complete picture of video performance without the logistical headaches.

Such video data is combined with social media data to generate audience profiles and insights that lead to increased engagement KPIs such as viewing times and viewer return rates for VOD and Live services. Clients then use this information to action their editorial, marketing and sales operations.

“The Millennial audiences have moved on from the traditional one-to-many TV experience to consuming billions of minutes from online video services that operate on a more one-to-one business model. Media companies realise this great opportunity and are trying to find the right tools to help build their digital audiences for new revenue streams” said Tsuchiya. “It’s not easy to organise and forcefully adapt solutions built for web analytics such as Google Analytics. Data has to be collected and processed in the right way from the start for it to be useful for a video specific context and for secondary uses such as ad targeting and recommendations that use machine learning.”

“With OTT video revenues forecast to grow by 26 per cent this year fueled by services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, media companies need video audience intelligence to make the right calls,” Tsuchiya added.

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