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Samsung abandons Boxee

August 10, 2015

Samsung is laying off the entirety of its Boxee team and putting the group’s work on hold according to reports.

Samsung bought the streaming set-top box company Boxee two years ago in an effort to build a “Perfect Experience” for TV that was going to centre around a media tablet rather than a remote control; using a custom interface, it would show options for live TV alongside streaming offerings. The tablet would be used communally rather than by a single user as with most traditional tablets. The remote and experience would have been packaged with higher-end TVs in an effort to replace the traditional TV remote.

“It is our policy to not comment on rumors, speculation or personnel matters,” said a rep for Samsung, who declined to address anything specific. “What I can tell you is that in order to continuously innovate, we constantly invest in areas of our business that enhance the Samsung experience for our consumers.”

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