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Ukraine to launch international channel

August 18, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Ukraine is to launch its own news channel to counter the “propaganda” coming out from Russia.

Information Policy minister Yuriy Stets, reported by BB Monitoring, says that the Ukraine government has allocated 100 million Hryvnas (about $4.7 million) to fund the new channel.

The minister says the channel will be on air by the end of this year, and broadcasting to Europe, Asia and the US.  The channel will inform viewers about reforms in the Ukraine, and also show promotional videos and tourism clips about the country.

Stets, in announcing the plan, told a story about his mother who lives in Italy. He said: “She told me that she is very glad that NATO troops had finally entered Ukraine’s east. I said: Mum, are you crazy? Where did you get this from? And she answered that she saw it on TV. I asked her to give me a list of channels she has in her cable network. Believe it or not, there are seven Russian TV channels and not a single Ukrainian one.”

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