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VeEX adds G.703 64K co-directional testing to its TX-Series test sets

August 21, 2015

VeEX, a global leader in Telecom, CATV, fibre and broadband sccess test solutions, has introduced a G.703 64K Codirectional Interface Testing option to its widely deployed TX-Series test sets.

“While it is important for VeEX to remain at the forefront of the latest and fastest interfaces being deployed by communication service providers, one can’t forget that many operators still depend on legacy interfaces to deliver or maintain low rate services, which are literally at the other end of the data spectrum,” said Ildefonso Polo, Director of Product Marketing Transport. “Legacy interfaces continue to play a significant role in today’s communication, supervisory control and data acquisition applications and the G.703 64K Codirectional interface is frequently employed by telemetry and teleprotection equipment used by Railways, Power, Water, and other public utility companies,” he added.

The flexibility of the TX-Series architecture enables VeEX to add the G.703 64K Codirectional testing option to all of its current TDM test solutions, including the new TX300s series via simple software upgrade. VeEX customers with TX300s platforms now have the ability to test interfaces ranging from 64 Kbps all the way to 100 Gbps using a single handheld test set.

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